AP Automation

Pay your bills with your credit card, easily reconcile with your ERP.

Here at RewardWorks, we area always seeking ways to reduce your workload and increase your credit card rewards. We have partnered with American Express to streamline B2B card payments with AP Automation for companies of all sizes.

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When Your Bills Are Ready To Pay

Streamlining B2B Payments with AP Automation

Rewardworks Gathers Open Invoices For Card Accepting Vendors

Streamlining B2B Payments with AP Automation
Remittance Emails B2B Payments Vendor Payments

Remittance Letters Are Emailed To Your Vendors

Streamlining B2B Payments with AP Automation

Payment Statuses Are Tracked For Higher Payment Visibility

Streamlining B2B Payments with AP Automation American Express

These payments are reconciled with your Accounting System

Getting Started Is Easy

We onboard your vendors

Offload your vendor management. We help optimize your B2B payments by working directly with your vendors.

Virtual Credit Cards are set up with American Express

We assist setting up your American Express Virtual Credit Cards directly with American Express.

We walk through your first pay runs with you!

The first time is always the hardest - that is why we walk through your first payment run on RewardWorks to show how simple B2B payments can be!

"The difference in efficiency has been noticeable – it feels like a weight has been lifted."

-Mary Kate Boorsma, General Manager
Brown Manufacturing Group, Inc.