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Supporting Our Valued Auto Dealership Partners During the CDK Cyber Hack Outage 

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Dear Valued Partners, 

 The last 6 days have been unbelievably challenging for many of you, we want to express our support for each of you affected by the recent cyber-attack and outage of CDK. We understand that this disruption has significantly impacted your operations, creating uncertainty and frustration for your teams and customers alike. 

 As a company dedicated to providing seamless AP automation solutions to auto dealerships, we deeply appreciate the vital role you play in the automotive industry. The reliance on integrated systems to manage daily operations efficiently makes this outage particularly disruptive. We are here to reassure you that, despite the current circumstances, our systems remain secure and uncompromised…though unusable to sync invoices and make payments. 

Our Commitment to Your Security

First and foremost, we want to confirm that our AP Automation systems have not been compromised by the ongoing cyber hack affecting CDK. Your data and transactions within our platform are secure, encrypted, and require domain level credentials to access locally. Our commitment to maintaining this security is unwavering. 

Understanding the Impact

We fully understand the impact this outage has on your day-to-day activities. Auto dealerships depend on efficient, integrated systems to manage inventory, process transactions, and provide excellent customer service. Rewardworks users are currently unable to sync invoices and initiate payment as CDK APIs are still shut down. We stand with you, ready to assist in any way possible to help mitigate these difficulties. 

Here to Support You

During this period of uncertainty, we want to offer our support in the following ways: 

  1. Open Communication Channels: Our customer support team is available around the clock to address any concerns or questions you may have. Whether you need technical assistance or just someone to talk to about the challenges you’re facing, we’re here for you. 
  2. Resource Availability: We do have the ability to turn on Virtual Card on Demand for many of our users…which allows for virtual card creation without invoices being sync’d, if this capability would be helpful in this interim, we can schedule a time to get this enabled in your environment here. 
  3. Ongoing Updates: We will keep you informed with regular updates about the situation as it evolves. Transparency is crucial, and we want you to be aware of any developments that may affect your operations. 

Looking Ahead

While challenging, we are confident that together we will overcome these obstacles. The resilience and adaptability of the auto dealership community are remarkable, and we believe that by supporting one another, we can emerge stronger. 

 Some of you have inquired over the last few days if there are other DMS solutions we support. Currently we work with Reynolds, Dealertrack, and have a partial integration with Tekion with full integration slated for Q1 2025. 

 Thank you for your continued trust. We are committed to standing by your side through this difficult time. 


Jonathan Ortiz-Myers 

CEO, Interopay 

Picture of Jonathan Ortiz-Myers
Jonathan Ortiz-Myers
Jonathan is CEO at Interopay. He's passionate about efficiency, business transformation, and emerging technology.

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